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Thank you all for joining my Website Mailing List!

This is a 2 day training I did in China with Secondary English teachers.

Dear All,

I have responded to your mails only now as I never realised that your request for information or to join my website would be directed to a WIX inbox. Thanks to a friend, I was alerted to it and will keep up to date from now on.

I am about to update the webpage and will keep you informed of my activities so you never waste a chance to learn from what I have to offer you.

I did a plenary last saturday on Dyslexia with a colleague who spoke in Spanish on the theory. I did the practice and we were very well received. I'll be doing it again soon in Buenos Aires Sur.

On Saturday 16th I will be doing a practical workshop on Teaching english through Drama at the British Arts Centre in Buenos Aires:

A workshop on English through Drama for APIBA

You can register here: https://www.eventbrite.com.ar/e/english-through-drama-with-susan-hillyard-tickets-46391478160

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