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English through Drama presents a clear introduction to using Drama activities with all ages, stressing its importance for the education of the whole learner. It will help teachers, who have any kinds of challenging students in their classes, to teach English in more exciting and effective ways.

​English through Drama shows teachers how to encourage their students, whatever their difficulties, to develop, not only language skills, but also social, physical, cognitive, creative and emotional skills. It provides Drama activities that motivate students to learn by exploring  their natural creativity and helping them to find their personal voice and to express themselves.

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English through Drama


English through Drama includes a brief review of the relevant research and theory to provide a solid base for the practical and inspiring activities which follow. A chapter on the classroom management role of the teacher in active, challenging classrooms offers advice on how to change the dynamics of the inclusive classroom and move from ‘I can’t….’ to ‘I can!’

The resourceful teacher can adapt the activities for their students of all levels.

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Global Issues


Global issues focuses on real world issues to encourage communication skills, reflection and critical thinking.

  • Over 80 classroom activities

  • Challenges an steriotypes and preconceptions

  • Promotes cross-cultural understanding

  • Devolops thinking skills 

  • Techiniques include art, music, drama, discussions and games. 

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Check Article 9




This is on-line course, authored by Vicky Saumell and Susan Hillyard, prepares you to take the TKT Exam. It is a facilitated on-line course and covers all of the modules in the TKT test on which you will be examined. Each lesson is divided up into instructional sections, applications, writing assignments and quizzes so you can monitor your progress:

Lesson 1: Describing Language and Language Skills

Lesson 2: Background to Language Learning and Approaches

Lesson 3: Planning Lessons

Lesson 4: Using Resources for Language Teaching

Lesson 5: Managing the Teaching and Learning

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Argentina Independent


“The problem with schools is they don’t understand how the child’s brain works, and they have this methodology they’ve been using forever. They kick out the creativity and the individualism, and try and get them to be the same so they can teach the same level.

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Interview Hooked on Books


In this series of interviews we talk to teachers, ELT writers, visual artists and researchers about the importance of using literature in the language classroom. Together they have over a hundred years of experience in teaching and writing so they can definitely give us plenty of advice and insight into the best practices.

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