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Margaret Darley, England 7th June 2016

And so we reach the end of the current online SHELTA course on teaching English through drama. When I signed up six weeks ago, I must say I had no idea what to expect. As an experienced drama teacher, I came from a different angle, and wanted to know more about using the drama skills I have, to teach English as a foreign language. How much I have learned! Despite technical problems, I attended four out of the six webinars ‘live’ and watched the other two later. Invaluable! The whole course, run by the very knowledgeable and inspiring Susan Hillyard, was informal, interactive and fascinating. Being peppered with comments and suggestions from teachers from around the worldmeant the course came with a wealth of practical ideas. Susan’s new book “English Through Drama” is already well-thumbed on my desk! As our company expands into many more countries around the world, I look forward to sharing some of the new ideas and skills with our Principals and teachers at our end of year Seminar. I am already considering future courses and would heartily recommend them–and the book–to others. Thank you Susan, Margaret Darley Training Manager

Sofia Besenyi, Argentina 7th June 2016

Thank you Susan for taking us on this amazing ride which has been "Teaching English Through Drama"! Loved the webinars, amazing material, marvellous group of colleagues who participated from all over the world... and you have been so supportive and generous both with your time and expertise!! I am definitely looking forward to more SHELTA courses!

Gabriela Collantes, Argentina 12th December 2016

Dear Susan,

We've finished the course, and the year is almost finishing. I want to thank you and all my classmates for being so open minded, patient and generous. This has been an incredible experience. It showed me that I can still do many things, no matter the circumstances, the time, the place, and the people. I had an excellent year, full of new discoveries and experiences; but what I loved the most, was meeting new people and getting to know about their teaching experiences. Now comes the time of reflexion and lots of thinking, because I need to find my way to drama. I want to feel it in my veins, in my body and soul because I believe drama is an effective and affective way of teaching English. I have no doubt my children and my students will love it. Hope we can help you get to more and more people, and as I told you not only in English but also in Spanish. Our children require many skills for the XXI century. We need to adapt and teach for the XXI century's demands. Love you all. It was great to spend my Sundays with you and my colleagues. Hope to see you in February in the International Congress in Bs. As

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Mary Rose Selas, Spain 11th Dec 2016

Thank you so much Susan, and to this wonderful group I'll  I have learned a lot, it has been a so productive are a motivated and a fantastic teacher , please let me know for another course. I am really looking foward to hearing from you I wish you Merry Xmas.Kind regards


Sonia, Portugal 9th December 2016

It was a pleasure to take part in this course. Very well organized, fantastic resources, ideas and a super tutor!

Hope to have the opportunity to meet you one day, hopefully in Portugal .Thanks once again.


Veronica Contreras, Argentina 5th December 2016

I end this year full of ideas and energy thanks to this course. It has given me ideas not only for my classes but also for my new role as coordinator of 'Joy - drama and education' to help my group of teachers to develop their drama skills and for all the activities, games and material we are preparing to offer.

Yesica Galliano, Argentina 7th June 2016

The course "Teaching English through Drama" has been great: creative, thought-provoking, full of ready-to-use ideas, tools, lesson plans and reading stuff. The webinars covered a wide range of topics in an engaging and clear way. The bibliography selected for the course is relevant, updated and suitable for different teaching contexts. Susan's professional skills and creativity make it an excellent course for teachers willing to advance in their professional development.

Marina Kopilovic, Serbia 10th October 2016

Dear Susan,

I’d like to thank you for being such a remarkable teacher during the whole SHELTA course on The Challenge of Teaching English through Drama. Six weeks have passed unbelievably quickly! I’m grateful for your patience and willingness to share your knowledge and experience with us! A lot of great, inspiring and useful ideas to be used with students of all ages. I also appreciate the countless friendly replies to every single post we put in the forums. Your webinars were fantastic. I looked forward to enjoying the time with you and other participants every Sunday evening. You definitely have a great teaching style and I feel terribly sorry I had not

met you before this course. I had a funand enriching time learning from you. I hope there will be a new SHELTA course.


Tijana, Serbia 10th Oct 2016, 8:38 PM

Dear Susan,

Mission accomplished. I do want to thank you for sharing your vast experience with us. I not only learned a lot from the webinars, handouts and videos you posted, but it was an inspiring experience hearing the opinion of people from different countries, exchanging thoughts and ideas. Thank you for making this exchange possible.

Nat Nutting, Argentina 11th October 2016

I recommend this incredible online course to anyone who wishes to really transform the teaching paradigm and empower kids. It has been so enriching, so inspiring, so revolutionary. Do take advantage of all the wisdom and experience of Susan Hillyard , she is so generously sharing all of this with us teachers across the world.

Eliana Kohn, Argentina 11th November 2016

Hi Susan!! I am enjoying this course SO MUCH and I wanted to thank you wholeheartedly!! I am also learning how to use this technology, too. You said in the second webinar that you have/know many action-freeze exercises, I would like to ask you about this. Or will you share them with all of us later?? You are being such a blessing in my life!!

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