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Putting into Practice Teaching English through Drama.

Instructions for Teachers


The oral tradition of storytelling has served to stir the imagination of human kind since time immemorial yet it has been all but lost in our dry, isolationistic digital age. We need to revive the art of storytelling for all, as an essential art form and as a means of emotional and affective communication. This theopractical presentation considers storytelling techniques for teachers and for young learners. Practical strategies will be borrowed from the world of educational drama to develop both vocal and body expression, laying the emphasis on pacing, rhythm and volume, mime, facial gesture, and action. No great resources will be suggested but an understanding of the concept of “The Speaking Body in the Empty Space” will be seen as essential, with the Teacher and the Student being the real resources. Teachers should leave with lots of practical ideas to use in their classrooms when term starts.


In this workshop we will explore the meaning of “Professional Learning Communities”, analyse a number of models and consider the value of planning and launching a PLC in the context of the school environment. We will define PLCs and why they are considered to be important, basing some of these concepts on recent theories of connectivism and trust. Leadership will be seen as a shared experience in a change-ready school. The skills for motivating and inspiring a whole school culture through reference to Maslow and McGregor will be examined while the concept of both Heads and Teachers as learners in their own right will be stressed. Finally, strategies for launching a PLC in school will be discussed.


Performativity will be shown to replace more abstract conceptions of language as a structure of meaning or as a symbol system in creating spheres of interculturality in EFL classrooms . The emphasis will be on the role of language in the concrete, particular transactions of the speaking body in specific contexts and in specific moments of time. It focuses on language as action, and also on meaning as the effect of embodied processes of meaning-making.


This experiential workshop relates the theory and practice of a programme, ‘English in Action’, teaching English through Drama, designed especially for the Ministry of Education’s Special Education Department in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.The specific needs and challenges of the population of our 500 students currently in the programme are outlined, from students with ADHD, phobia, emotional trauma, or dyslexia to wheel chair users and students confined to their houses or hospitals with terminal diseases.The theory will be briefly explained, based on sound evidence, while plenty of practice will serve to illustrate the efficacy of the methodology. The participants will leave with ideas for planning the why, the what and the how of teaching English to students with a challenging range of learning difficulties.

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