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Teach English through Drama

Do you know HOW to use Drama techniques in English language and literature classes? Did you know that many education systems around the world use innovative and creative techniques to teach in a more motivating way and to teach the 21st century skills that all our Students need so badly in this new age. We can no longer expect our students to behave as they did so in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. This is a new world with new technologies appearing on our devices each day! Our young students don't even notice it but we teachers seem stuck in the old ways! We MUST change.

Last year I went to China 3 times as Drama is really taking off in that vast country and there are millions of students to be taught!! I'm training the teachers to change their understanding of how various age groups learn a language and how to motivate them to LOVE English so they will be happy to go to class and will enjoy speaking the language rather than sitting and writing. I want every language learner to be able to SPEAK with confidence. Language is for communication and that's how we need to teach it.

I can train you to be able to do this on my new course.

Join now to make it for the opening day on March 26th!

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