• Susan Hillyard

Drama is the Spice of ELT

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

People often wonder why Drama is so effective in teaching a language. It's simply because Drama appeals and contributes to all the developmental processes of the learner. Other methodologies are less sensorial, less semiotic and less holistic so they are less effective.....it's that simple.

Other methods tend to present the learner with an event. Drama presents the learner with a process and a very complex process at that.

Drama works on SOCIAL development and therefore develops social intelligence: it is inherently inclusive where all students work together in pairs or groups to solve conflicts.Drama works on PHYSICAL development helping all students to hone down their body language to make meaning for the listener in culturally appropriate ways and to help the learner remember vocabulary through muscle memory.

Drama works at an intellectual level developing creative/critical thinking and aesthetic appreciation.

Drama develops creative skills, working with the imagination to create original individual and group productions that are never the same. It is real learning in imagined worlds.

Drama develops emotional intelligence as the emotions are constantly brought into play and the learners "feel" the experiences in new ways each lesson. They are not told information; they do not learn anything off by heart. The experience of real life situations or fantastical events leaves them with a feeling of fulfilment and joy.

Combine all these elements and you have a powerful apckage of the SPICE of ELT!

I can train you to do this!

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