• Susan Hillyard

So......what's the I in SPICE?

The I stands for Intellectual or Cognitive growth and is embedded in Drama as a learning medium. In Drama we stress the Vygotskyian notion of the process that language informs thought and thought informs language. Drama techniques are based on using language and communication skills in pairs or groups or as a whole class throughout the duration of the class period, so interaction is at the heart of all Drama activity.

Strategies in the language classroom must always be related to developing thinking skills so that learners of all ages, including adults, can constantly develop their abilities to solve problems, to solve conflicts, build up deep understanding of concepts, to reason, to use their imaginations, to learn to be creative, to fully concentrate, to recognise false information and to fathom out human rights and obligations to build up empathy.

We really work on top level of Bloom's taxonomy at the level of the HOTs.....the Higher Order Thinking Skills as students develop their interaction skills in playing Drama games, devising role plays and preparing group improvisations. many people do not understand this and believe that Drama is just messing about! How wrong they are!!!!!

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