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Sunday Sessions with Susan 2/21 Teaching for Diversity and Inclusion

This webinar explores the need to use English as a global language to examine global issues through the practice of critical, comparative, and creative thinking skills related to social values. The framework is based on Robert Fisher’s language learning model of the interrelatedness of reading, writing, listening, speaking, input, output and metacognition. In this awareness raising session the basic tenet underpinning the action is "We are all the Same, We are all Different" with the emphasis on teaching for diversity and inclusion. Questioning ourselves comes before questioning the students, and changing our perceptions is a necessary first step. There will be some theory and plenty of practical activities to use in the GF2F classroom or on-line.

We had a wonderful session with lots of useful resources, fun exercises and plenty of strategies to do on Zoom or in the F2F classrooms in plenary, in pairs or in groups!!!

Everybody left smiling and saying they had learned a lot!!! And thought a lot!!! And laughed a lot!!! We work together for our well being in the group so that we can pamper ourselves with play and creativity.

Come along next time on June 6th for "Making Visible the Invisible and Giving Voice to the Voiceless."

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